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Our services.

  • Websites

    We are covering a lot of ground here at InnoMonster with our professional services which include Facebook Pages/Apps, Wordpress & Joomla!
  • Custom Apps

    There are these moments when you want to do more with your current application/sites but you are limited by the legacy system. That's when we jump in!
  • Mobile Apps

    Tablets/smartphones have inevitably become the new way to communicate. We create functional mobile apps/sites that work across Androids and iOS devices.
Need more than that? Talk to us! We love a challenge.

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A few good reasons to choose InnoMonster.

We're there for your every step along the way - from initial consultation, to final launch, and beyond. We believe that successful projects need workflows that are based around a sound understanding of your needs.

  • Listen & Discuss

    We listen to you - your intentions, your ideas. We don't jump the gun, or make assumptions. Finding out what you want and need are the keys to a successful project.
  • Analyse & Plan

    Great ideas don't get far without in-depth analysis and proper planning. We plan carefully, and in details, and always with an eye on practical, achievable goals.
  • Design & Develop

    At InnoMonster, we're proud of what we build. We love getting our hands dirty. It's in our DNA to pursue greatness in all our projects.
  • Launch & Review

    3,2,1, go! Seeing your "baby" taking the first step can be exciting and nervous. However no worries! We will be there to assist you to overcome future obstacles. We are always ready to provide necessary support to ensure a seamless start up and operation. Customer satisfaction is what matters to us.

A little bit about us.

We specialise in websites/apps development and design, and we're based in Singapore. True monsters for innovation, we're here to provide you with cutting-edge, yet affordable solutions. We're also committed to delivering great user experience across multiple digital channels.

Technologies we love.

We're passionate about web technologies, and keep a close eye on them as they evolve. Here's a list of our current favourite:

  • MeteorJS logo


    Meteor, a full-stack JavaScript platform that's simple and fun to use which shines in real-time web applications development. With just a single language (javaScript), we can write, run, and debug code from front to back, thereby simplifying the workflows and increasing quality control.

  • AWS logo

    Amazon AWS

    By leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the largest cloud computing provider on the planet, we are delivering cost effective and scalable application for our clients. With in-house certified Solutions Architect, we are ready at your service.

  • ReactJS logo


    We are in love with ReactJS not only because it is the new kid in town. We truly believe building front-end project should be made easy with individual components.

    A clean separation between components is the key for building a modern and efficient single-page application.

  • HTML/CSS3 logo


    Although people can easily make sense of relationships and make decisions based on the languages, audio, and images that they see on websites, computers aren't quite as good at that.

    At InnoMonster, we strive to build a semantic web. We develop accessible, W3C standards-compliant websites using the latest technologies. We believe that any effort, no matter how small, helps to bring a universally accessible web closer to the present.

How to contact us.

Logo of InnoMonster Pte. Ltd.
No. 14 Robinson Road #13-00
Far East Finance Building
Singapore 048545
Republic of Singapore
+65 8118 3721 (Ken)
+65 9438 3908 (Kwan Chon)
Reg. No. 201332566R